Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Bi-Coastal Reaction - jumpstart the juices

So I finally made it back.
For the first time since moving to California in 2009 under less than desirable circumstances, I found myself back in my native state.
The 410/443.

The last time I had been on this turf it was amidst witnessing one of the most historic events of my lifetime. The initial inauguration of President Barack Obama. A lot has changed since then. No longer merely an observer, but now a participant. The words "Change" and "Hope" have a much heavier connotation. And there is now an ice box where my heart used to be.

Circling back happened at the request of a childhood friend who requested my presence in his wedding. The timing and and the numbers in my bank account aligned and it was my honor to be a part of Joe and Marianne's very special day. Although I do urge them in matrimony to build close ties with other black folks as well; as for all the diversity there was at the wedding - beautifully held in the sculpture garden of the Baltimore Museum of the Arts - I was the lone darkie. (Yes, I am conscious of such things)

Yet that also played in my favor.

The urging to "get to bloggin" again came from a suspected family member. I was approached by a bubbly Korean girl who saw that my last name too was Joyce and wondered if we were related. She married into the name and later turns out we are not related, but when she added me on Facebook the tail end of her message simply reads, "Also, please update your blog. mmkthanks..." Ok, Ok!

Strange thing, I don't know of a single cousin of mine that shares the last name Joyce.

The trip back home — cause for black folk home is always where you were raised — also gave me a chance to catch up with two Maryland staples that I have been greatly missing: Steamed Crabs and Utz salt & vinegar potato chips. Check and Check. There was a few brief moments in the hectic weekend to catch up with a few family members, including a quick stop to visit my mom. Then it was back across the country. Tis a beautiful one we have indeed.

Getting back to west coasting was a transition. The attitudes are vastly different. For example, damn a pedestrian. Crosswalks in Maryland are treated much differently than in Cali.

Soon following this one was my first trip to San Francisco — vastly different indeed.

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