Monday, May 7, 2012

Devin the Dude Rocks The Roxy — Bridging H-Town and LA

For the past several years, on the eve of the Kentucky Derby I am usually in comfort with my old Kentucky home.

This year, however, on the day where Star Wars fans get a kick out of saying, “May the Forth be with you” — that of May 4 — I worked all day as usual and put a treat at the end as a consolation prize. 

I got to start my day speaking with at-risk youth during the Youth Empowerment Summit sponsored by Young Leaders Society of Ventura County. Continuing with my work of the day through the afternoon; once complete I packed up with my Roll Dogs to make the quick trip to LA to see Houston hip hop artist, Devin the Dude perform at the historic Roxy Theater. For those of you who don’t know much about Devin the Dude, when you look into his glazed over eyes, you see a man who understands his niche.

Acclaimed as mostly an underground success in Houston, his brilliant flows tell stories relatable to every-man and his struggles. He has fun while doing it, which seems few and far between these days in the hip hop industry. That softened do-as-I-do bravado of his public persona seems raw and authentic backstage as well. Most of Devin the Dude’s dedicated fan base attending a show situated more than 1,500 miles from his Houston home, mouthed nearly every word to every song along with him. Aside from a new one he dropped, I believe it was called “420 Highway.” Beat was live!

The entertainers glances into the crowd and following smiles of approval — multiple times — was just a hint into the sheer enjoyment of the entertainers on stage, as the crowd equally enjoyed the show. In the house — Coughee Crothaz, Spice 1, Jugg Mugg and a host of other artists representing H-Town and the West Coast. Quality entertainment for the sake of being entertained.

Then as the show neared it’s end, amongst the haze of Cali’s fruits that now filled The Roxy the connection between entertainers and crowd rounded second base. Increasingly with the exchange of dap from the stage we all became part of the family. The Roxy became the impromptu host of Devin the Dude’s family reunion. Part of that may have been that one of my Roll Dogs, T, is from Houston. And evidently, if you’re from H-Town and you’re not in the city, you’re “kin folk.” (With a set of secret handshakes to check authenticity).

Switching from concert to experience..., enjoy a few photos: 

 A Devin the Dude classic:


  1. I just heard he has an EP coming out this month before his album drops. T$

  2. Hot ish! That's what's up. Feel free to share a link here in the comments when that does come out!